This blog strives to achieve both a community and an analysis of gender within sports, looking toward the possibilities of CrossFit, and other programs like it, which can begin to dismantle the expected gender performances required of men and women in popular sports. Using video, images, and other news media, this blog will provide and critique common modes of thought about sports. What is a sport? What makes us return to sports for feelings of pride and achievement? Specifically, how are women viewed in sports, both historically and currently? Do women face backlash for seeming more masculine–being like “one of the guys”? In addition to tackling popular mediums like videos and images, this blog will blend in analyses of feminist theory. Instead of keeping these worlds apart–media representations of sports that remain popular and on television and the theory that analyzes it which usually remains within academia–this blog forces them together. How do images and videos of CrossFit confront and challenge the anxieties about women in sports? Can feminist theory shed light on these anxieties, and how do we move forward?


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