Crossfit defines itself as a “core strength and fitness program” but this video breaches an entire conversation of feminism and sports, of masculinity and women. I believe this video has to be the first post on a blog that challenges the field of sports with a feminist curiosity. Crossfit is not just about fitness; the arrival of this new method of exercise and sport has to acknowledge the culture that birthed it–one that is extremely critical of its citizens and has a strict definition of beauty. Here, the athletes, both men and women, define what beauty is for them, aware of the expectations that a patriarchal society demands. Women shouldn’t be bulky. Women shouldn’t be sporty. Although the video is not direct about the issue, the undertones are there. Crossfit is stirring the pot again; the issue of women and sports resurfaces. The video redefines beauty, but it is also challenging what it means to be an athlete, what it means to be a woman.


2 thoughts on “What is Sport? What is Beauty?

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